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/ 01
Sanrock Sales Engineers Visit Customers and Offer Field Guide Service in Pakistan
As warm Spring is coming, our Pakistan customers start to drill water well business again after winter season. In order to offering better customer service, we Sanrock send two sales engineers to visit our customers. We go to check their actual working fields, collect the issue and feedback from end users. This way we get new more information from our customers, then we can offer better service and better products for our customers. We are warmly welcomed by our customers and local people. This is what we Sanrock do for our customers, offering best service and more suitable solutions.
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/ 02
Today, we load our big automatic blasting drilling rig to port. It is our Sanrock SRYX454(S86) model, suitable for 127-165mm & 25m hole drilling ---Cummins 264kw ---Screw air compressor of 19m³/min & 21bar ---Automatic drill pipe change system (4+1 rod storage, 5m drill pipe) ---Control cabin It is a powerful and efficient machine. One-man operating system, save you lots of labor cost, and it can guarantee long time working in the field.
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/ 03
The Cause Of Drill Sticking In Subsurface Drill
DTH Drill Rig should pay attention to the maintenance and lubrication of the machine, which can reduce its failure. Although it pays attention to reduce the fault after maintenance, there will still be certain faults. The downhole drilling rig sometimes has a stuck drill fault, which causes this fault. What are the general reasons? 1. The bit is broken; 2. The new replacement bit is larger than the original diameter; 3. The machine displacement or the drilling tool is deflected in the hole during rock drilling; 4. When the rock is rocking, the wall or the hole drops the rock or encounters large cracks and caves; 5. Dust is difficult to discharge in the area where there is mud stone; 6. Inadequate operation, when the drilling is stopped for a long time, there is no pure rock powder, and the drilling tool is not lifted, so that the impactor is buried by the rock powder; Treatment method: Regarding the strength of the current bit, the broken wing has been basically eliminated. In case of special circumstances, a seamless pipe with a diameter similar to that of the hole diameter can be used. The pipe is filled with butter, asphalt and the like, and is connected with the drill pipe to enter the bottom of the hole. Take out the broken wing at the bottom of the hole and blow off the rock powder at the bottom of the hole before salvaging. In the more serious situation, the drilling tool can't be lifted, and the impactor does not ring. At this time, only the external torque or the auxiliary tool is used to help the lifting, so that the drilling tool is rotated, and then the gas is to be lifted, and the drilling tool is lifted until the fault occurs. Lift it off. When re-rocking, first apply a little pressure, then add a little pressure, and then gradually increase the propulsion until the normal working pressure. Sanrock is a China DTH Drill Rig Manufacturer. We have a high-tech work shop. We have a complete quality management system. Choose us, you can be get most careful and thoughtful service! 
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/ 04
Choose us, you can be get most careful and thoughtful service!
The essence of the downhole rock drilling is to infiltrate the impactor into the hole during the rock drilling process to reduce the energy loss caused by the impact energy transmitted by the drill rod, thereby reducing the influence of the hole depth on the rock drilling efficiency. First, check the hydraulic oil regularly DTH Drilling Rigs are semi-hydraulic vehicles, that is, except for the impact of compressed air, the rest of the functions are realized by the hydraulic system, so the quality of the hydraulic oil is essential for the hydraulic system to work properly. 1. Open the hydraulic oil tank and watch if the color of the hydraulic oil is clear and transparent. If it has been emulsified or deteriorated, it must be replaced immediately. If the frequency of use of the drill car is high, the hydraulic oil should be replaced once every six months. It is forbidden to mix two kinds of hydraulic oil! 2. The hydraulic oil used in the DTH Drill Rig is anti-wear hydraulic oil with anti-oxidant, anti-rust agent and anti-foaming agent, which can effectively prevent the early wear of hydraulic components such as oil pump and hydraulic motor. Second, regular cleaning of the fuel tank and oil filter Impurities in the hydraulic oil will not only cause the hydraulic valve to malfunction, but also aggravate the wear of the hydraulic components such as the oil pump and the hydraulic motor. Therefore, we have installed the oil suction filter and the oil return filter on the structure to ensure the reincarnation in the system as much as possible. The oil is clean. 1. The improved oil suction filter is installed under the fuel tank and communicates with the oil pump suction port. Due to the self-locking function, the oil filter can automatically close the oil port without leaking after removing the filter element. The lower filter element can be rinsed with clean diesel. The oil suction filter should be cleaned once a month. If the filter element is found to be damaged, it should be replaced immediately! 2. The oil return oil filter is installed above the oil tank and communicates with the oil return pipe. When cleaning, it is only necessary to directly unscrew the filter element and rinse with clean diesel oil. The oil return oil filter should be cleaned once a month. If the filter element is found to be damaged, it should be replaced immediately! 3. The fuel tank is the intersection of oil absorption and oil return, and it is also the place where impurities are most likely to be deposited and concentrated, so it should be cleaned frequently. The oil drain plug should be opened every month to remove some of the oil and flush out the impurities at the bottom. Clean it once every six months and release all the oil (it is better not to use it or filter it after multiple times). After the tank is cleaned, add new ones. Hydraulic oil.
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/ 05
The Working Characteristics Of The Crawler Mounted Drill Rig
As a new type of basic engineering machinery, Crawler Mounted Drill Rig has been widely used in pile foundation projects such as roads and railways, bridges, water conservancy projects and urban construction projects after several years of promotion and application. Due to its high efficiency, energy saving, low noise, low pollution, and wide adaptability of the formation, it is favored by more and more construction units. Effectively use the rotary drilling rig to carry out dry-drilling bored pile construction and dry-drilling bored pile construction technology and management specifications, and conduct basic discussion and induction. Construction method features: 1. During drilling, the hydraulic cylinder on the drill rail slide can be pressed downward to speed up the drilling speed. 2. This drilling method is to drive various drilling tools into holes through the box type torsion drill collar and rotary power head. The full hydraulic crawler crane with retractable track is convenient for moving and positioning. 3. The weight of the equipment, the power configuration of the whole machine and the output capacity of the main actuator are large, which meets the construction needs of special projects in certain special fields. Adapt to the reality that the construction of the project is more difficult, and the quality and efficiency requirements are constantly improving. 4. The operation and control of the equipment adopt electromechanical and hydraulic integration, which improves the reliability of operation and flexibility of operation. For example, the automatic display system for automatically measuring the skew of the computer has a great effect on improving the hole forming efficiency and the hole forming precision. 5. The telescopic active drill pipe greatly reduces the auxiliary working time, and it can also create conditions for timely replacement of the applicable drill bit type according to the formation change. 6. Less mud discharge is beneficial to the protection of the environment. 7. the spoil is convenient, the excavated soil residue, the car can be directly transported away, reducing the muddy on the site. 8. directly excavation, automatic dumping. There is no need to manually cooperate to open the bucket door. 9. lifting drills, casings, etc. do not need to cooperate with the crane. Sanrock is a China Crawler Mounted Drill Rig Supplier. We have a high-tech work shop. We have a complete quality management system. Choose us, you can be get most careful and thoughtful service! 
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/ 06
Sanrock provides hole drilling solution service
Quzhou Sanrock Heavy Industry Machinery Co.,Ltd. is for providing printing solutions for users from all over the world. We produce and supply printer,lamination machine,foil stamping printer,banner welding machine,trimmer etc.With advanced and reliable equipment and perfect after-sales service, we become one of the main printing solution supplier. We constantly work to improve our product quality, in order to help our customer in long term and make the customer satisfied with our products. We believe the product quality is the basis of any cooperation. With professional knowledge we can provide the suitable solution to different customer.We believe the professional knowledge can make business in high efficiency. We treat customer as friends.We believe the trust can make cooperation become easier. We always pay attention to after sale service.In our view the after sale service is a part of the selling and cooperation. Henan Color Source Printing Solutions Co.,Ltd. is continuing to strive to help customer to make more value. We warmly welcome friends from all over the world to cooperate with us and create a bright future together.
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/ 07
A few days ago, Sanrock shipped automatic surface drilling rig onto the ship. Sanrock is dedicated to serving our customers and making them receive our products as soon as possible.
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/ 08
Sanrock Machinery Attend ITIF Asia 2019 in Pakistan
Venue: Karachi Expo Center Date: 20-22th March, 2019 Sanrock Machinery Stand: B-42
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/ 09
Sanrock Machinery, we are warmly popular in ITIF Asia 2019
Sanrock Machinery B-42, we are in full swing! On the Day 1 and 2 of ITIF Asia 2019, the trade fair keeps attracting massive visitors from regions of everywhere. As we are the only Chinese exhibitor of mining and water drilling machinery & drilling tools. We focus on providing One-stop full-sets solution for customers. We are warmly welcome by the visitors in the Expo center. Plus, he latest products we're exhibiting, with more automation, higher drilling efficiency, lower price and more equipments. All these make us warmly welcomed by the visitors in the Expo Center. We enjoy the lively meeting with so many old and new friends in here.
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/ 010
Warmly Welcome Customers From Senegal to Visit Our Factory
Sanrock sales managers accompanied customers to visit the factory and production workshops, and experienced the products on the spot. They are interested in our products and look forward to long-term cooperation with our company.                                     
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