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T84 Automatic top hammer crawler drill rig Surface blast hole hydraulic mine drill rig

T84 Automatic top hammer crawler drill rig Surface blast hole hydraulic mine drill rig

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T84 Automatic top hammer crawler drill rig Surface blast hole hydraulic mine drill rig

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Brand Name:Sanrock  

Product name:T84 Top Hammer Crawler Drilling Rig 

Type:Rotary Drilling Rig      


Hole Depth:25M

Drill rod length:  T51(T45)x3660mm

Diesel engine:168KW

Hole Range:76-115mm

Maximum impact power:20kw

Drill changer and number of rods held:6+1(auto)

Travelling Speed:3.2km/h

Lifting force:20KN


Exhaust volume:7.8 m3/min

Max pressure:10.5 bar

Swing angle of crawler frame:±11°


1.Independent preheating device of diesel engine and the automated hydraulic system make the rigs better suited for high altitude and cold climates. 

2.Anti-jamming system:The drifter’s damping mechanism and anti-jamming system guarantee stable and efficient drilling. 

3.Folding boom:The exquisite and ingenious combination of No. 1 & No. 2 booms and the cylinders can easily cope with all kinds of drilling angel requirement of landscapes. 

4.Rod handling system:Simple but efficient rod handling system consists of reach sensor, mechanic gripper, rod lubrication device and rod gripper. 

5.Ergonomic comfortable extra safe cabin: Clear and wide view & environmental friendly glass All around visibility, low vibration and low noise design made to optimum comfort Standard Stereo and air conditioning system ensure the operator a relaxed and enjoyable workplace Simple operating control system is great to operate . 

6.The advantageous functions such as precise boom positioning, automatic rod handling, high drilling speed and fast tramming speed make this rig operation cost per drill meter to be unparalleled competitive

7.Tramming system:Heavy duty motors and track oscillation system provide dual speed tramming, powerful climbing ability and cross-terrain capability.




For mining, construction,coal,water well etcThe rigs can drill multiple holes with just one time positioning and can cope with any kind of virgin landscapes with its' flexible boom and cross terrain adaptability. The penetration rate is 50% faster than a down the hole rig with hole diameter less than 115 mm within 15 meter depth and with normal and stable rock condition.

T84 Top Hammer Crawler Drilling Rig 

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