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T86 Top Hammer Crawler Drilling Rig

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T86 Top Hammer Crawler Drilling Rig

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Brand Name:Sanrock  

Product name:T86 Top Hammer Crawler Drilling Rig

Hole Depth:21M

Drill rod: T51

Hole diameter:76-115mm

Diesel engine:Cummins 194KW

Air compressor pressure:9bar

Air compressor capacity:105L/s

Jack hammer model:Atlas Copco RD18S

Jack hammer power:18kw

Jack hammer impact pressure:200bar





T86 full-hydraulic open-air top hammer drilling rig adopts high-power diesel engine with strong power, which can easily meet the power requirements of harsh working conditions such as high altitude and extreme cold; it is equipped with Atlas Copco high-power high-pressure rock drill, which has high Piercing efficiency. This product is widely used in open-pit mines and construction projects in earthwork excavation, quarry reclaiming, and drilling operations such as slope treatment.


Equipped with high-power air conditioning refrigeration system and heating system, it can work normally in various harsh weather conditions. The handle master control mode makes the operation more concise and convenient, providing operators with a good working environment and away from dust pollution.

Power system

The high-power turbocharged diesel engine that adopts the national III standard provides sufficient power reserve for the machine, making the rig more adaptable to harsh working environments such as high altitude and extreme cold.

Equipped with a screw air compressor, while ensuring a good slag discharge effect, the perforation efficiency is improved.

Chassis system

Crawler-type walking chassis, equipped with high-power two-speed hydraulic drive traction system and hydraulic swing adjustment system, as well as small size body width design, make this rig excellent off-road performance and maneuverability.

Drill boom system

The rectangular section folding boom structure is adopted, and the boom action is driven by the hydraulic cylinder to ensure the flexibility and stability of the drilling boom system. At the same time, the sophisticated design of steering seat and propelling beam bracket enables the drilling rig to drill vertical and horizontal holes of 0.3-7. 6m in the elevation, and the drilling coverage area in the plane can reach 17m².

Security system

The display can monitor and alarm data such as engine oil temperature and pressure, coolant temperature and water level, compressed air discharge temperature and pressure, and other safety devices such as battery charging indicator lights.




Application scenarios


T86 Top Hammer Crawler Drilling Rig

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